“Cosi fan tutte” closes with great acclaim! 2025 Program is Verdi’s “La Traviata”!

The 20th Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Opera Project “Cosi fan tutte” concluded with the Tokyo performance on March 23rd, 2024.

In response to the passing of Director Seiji Ozawa, who founded and led the project for over 20 years, we held the performances with a sense of mission to pass on what we have received from Seiji to the next generation. At the beginning of each performance, the second movement of the Divertimento in D major, K.136 was performed as a dedication to Seiji. The Academy coaches including Aiko Goto, Francesco Senese, Yasushi Toyoshima, and Yoshiko Kawamoto attended the performances.

Under the direction of Diego Matheuz, young musicians from Asian countries grew even further with the passionate guidance of coaches, mainly members of the Saito Kinen Orchestra. The Japanese cover cast and chorus members also gained invaluable experience through many rehearsals with the headline singers, director, and coaches. Prior to the performance, Maestro Matheuz said that he would dedicate every performance to Seiji from the bottom of his heart. Everyone shared Maestro Matheuz’ vision and the final performance was received with thunderous applause.

Seiji Ozawa Music Academy will be featuring Verdi’s timeless masterpiece “La Traviata” next year. The Seiji Ozawa Music Academy will retain Seiji Ozawa’s name as the Founder/Permanent Artistic Director and continue to inherit his spirit. All of us at the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy will continue to inherit the spirit that Seiji Ozawa dedicated to music and continue to create music that lives up to his name. We would appreciate your continued support.