Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Opera Project XVIII
J. Strauss Ⅱ:Die Fledermaus

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    March 18, 2022 (Fri) 18:30
    March 20, 2022 (Sun) 15:00
    ROHM Theatre Kyoto Main Hall

    March 24, 2022 (Thu) 15:00
    Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Main Hall

    March 27, 2022 (Sun) 15:00
    Yokosuka Arts Theatre

    Rosalinde: Ellie Dehn
    Gabriel von Eisenstein: Adrian Eröd
    Adele: Anna Christy
    Alfred: John Tessier
    Prince Orlofsky: Emily Fons
    Dr. Falke: Elliot Madore
    Frank: Dale Travis
    Dr. Blind: Jean-Paul Fouchécourt
    Ida: Eriko Kuribayashi
    Frosch: Issey Ogata

    Music Director:Seiji Ozawa
    Conductor:Diego Matheuz
    Stage Director:David Kneuss
    Set Designer:Gunther Schneider-Seimssen
    Costume Designer:Peter J. Hall
    Lighting Designs:Tatsuo Takasawa
    Choreography:Marcus Bugler
    Orchestra: Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Orchestra 
    Chorus:Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Choir
    (Chorus Master: Takuya Nemoto)
    Ballet:Tokyo City Ballet

    Presented by: Seiji Ozawa Music Academy / VEROZA Japan
    Kyoto City, ROHM Theatre Kyoto (Kyoto City music art cultural Promoting Foundation) *Kyoto Performances
    Co-presented by: Rohm Music Foundation, Yokosuka Arts and Culture Foundation *Yokosuka Performance
    Sponsored by: ROHM Co., Ltd
    Sponsorship media: FM Kyoto *Kyoto Performances , Nippon Broadcasting System Inc. *Tokyo and Yokosuka performances
    In cooperation with: ANA
    Produced by: VEROZA Japan (03-6411-5445)

    Original Production: Otto Schenk
    Original Production Lighting Designer: Gil Wechsler
    This production premiered at The Metropolitan Opera on December 4, 1986.
    All scenery, properties, and costumes constructed by The Metropolitan Opera shops.


    • photo: Seiji Ozawa
      Artistic Director
      Seiji Ozawa
    • photo: Diego Matheuz
      Diego Matheuz
    • photo: David Kneuss
      David Kneuss
  • Cast

    • photo: Ellie Dehn
      Ellie Dehn
    • photo: Adrian Eröd
      Gabriel von
      Adrian Eröd
    • photo: Anna Chritsy
      Anna Chritsy
    • photo: John Tessie
      John Tessie
    • photo: Emily Fons
      Prince Orlofsky
      Emily Fons
    • photo: Elliot Madore
      Dr. Falke
      Elliot Madore
    • photo: Dale Travis
      Dale Travis
    • photo: Jean-Paul Fouchécourt
      Dr. Blind
      Jean-Paul Fouchécourt
    • photo: Eriko Kuribayashi
      Eriko Kuribayashi
    • photo: Issey Ogata
      Issey Ogata
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Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Opera Project XVIII
J. Strauss Ⅱ:Die Fledermaus

  • Ticket Sales:January 22, 2022 (Sat) 10:00
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    S ¥25,000​ A ¥21,000​ B ¥17,000​ C ¥13,000 D ¥8,000 U25 ¥3,000

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