Dear Audience at the Tokyo performance of Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Opera Project XVII Bizet: Carmen

 We wish to advise the audience that Seiji Ozawa has stepped down from performing in the Tokyo date of the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Opera Project XVII Bizet: Carmen.
 As in the Kyoto performances, Seiji Ozawa, Director and Artistic Director of the Academy, was scheduled to conduct the prelude to Act 1. However, he became unwell after the March 15 and 17 dates in Kyoto and was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. His attending physician advised that two to three days of hospital treatment was necessary, and we reached the very difficult decision to forgo his appearance in Yokosuka on the 21st for his hospitalization in Tokyo. His bronchitis symptoms have since improved and he was making efforts to recover so that he could conduct at the Tokyo performance. Unfortunately, he has not recovered his stamina enough to take the podium, so we have decided to use prudence and have him step down from the Tokyo date as well. We deeply apologize to those in the audience who were looking forward to seeing Seiji Ozawa conduct. Christian Arming will conduct all acts, including the prelude to Act 1, which Ozawa was scheduled to perform.
 Over the last three weeks to this performance, Artistic Director Seiji Ozawa, Christian Arming, the orchestra, the world-class singers, and staff have joined hands in preparing and rehearsing steadily for this opera production. Ozawa especially dedicated all his strength into guiding the Academy Orchestra, which is formed by young, promising musicians chosen by audition.
 The Tokyo performance shall conclude the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy production for this year. The performers and Academy students will devote themselves fully so you may enjoy this performance.

March 23, 2019
Seiji Ozawa Music Academy
VEROZA Japan Company Limited

 ”After watching everyone in the young orchestra grow rapidly to create a wonderful opera production together with a top-class director, singers, chorus members, coaches, and staff, I deeply, deeply yearn to conduct, but decided to be cautious for now.
My heartfelt apologies to all.”
Seiji Ozawa