[OBITUARY] Mo. SEIJI OZAWA, Director and Artistic Director

On February 6, 2024, Seiji Ozawa, Director and Artistic Director of the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy, passed away. We would like to express our deepest condolences.

It goes without saying that Seiji Ozawa was an excellent conductor, musician, a generous and respectful human being, as well as an excellent educator who eagerly taught young musicians, generously sharing his own musical experience. No one can replace him in this.

However, we also feel that the seeds sown over 20 years at the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy are definitely bearing fruit. We believe that each of us has a mission to pass on what we have received from the Director Seiji Ozawa to the next generation in our own ways. This was also his wish. Although the position of Director and Artistic Director will be vacant for “Così fan tutte” in March, the program will be centered around Mo. Diego Matheuz, who was appointed as a Principal Conductor by Seiji Ozawa in June 2022, and director David Kneuss. The performance will be held as scheduled.

All of us at the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy will continue to inherit the spirit that Seiji Ozawa dedicated to music and strive to create music that lives up to his name.

Seiji Ozawa Music Academy